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As COVID-19 vaccines become more available to the public, we imagine a preferred future in which vaccine uptake is driven by effective local efforts to address vaccine hesitancy. We believe that schools can be the leaders of these local efforts.

School Vaccine Hub provides school communities with a central source of information and resources about COVID-19 vaccines from trustworthy medical and public institutions.

How schools can promote vaccine equity

This toolkit provides 10 distinct tips and concrete actions schools can take to expand vaccination nationwide.

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  • Information about vaccine development, safety, efficacy, and possible side effects from trusted sources

  • Research that is credible and verified

  • Materials about the COVID-19 vaccine for families, teachers, and staff, in a variety of formats and languages


We are parents, students, teachers, principals, and staff who want reliable information about the COVID-19 vaccines for our school communities. Schools are for learning, but they also support the health and safety of students and families. We want everyone in our communities to be healthy and safe.

We recognize that new information comes out every day about COVID-19 and the vaccines. While we may link to materials and data supplied by news organizations, we are not affiliated with any news sites. We have no advertisers.

All the resources listed on this site are free.


Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools, Partners Launch COVID-19 Vaccine Information Hub for Schools

Leading education, public health, and media organizations collaborate on an online platform for resources aimed at addressing vaccine hesitancy and educating public school communities across the U.S. about the COVID-19 vaccine.


Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools 


BROOKLYN, N.Y., March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools

American public schools have a vital role to play in supporting the nationwide COVID-19 vaccine effort by combating misinformation and helping school community members understand why vaccines are important and where to go to access their vaccine.

To play this role effectively, schools need credible, accessible information and tools.

Together with leading health and education organizations, Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools (LAB) and EquityByDesign.org have launched the School Vaccine Hub—a centralized platform with credible vaccine information and accompanying lesson plans and curricular tools that schools can use to promote the uptake of COVID-19 vaccinations and address fears and concerns about vaccines in America’s diverse public school communities. The hub includes a range of resources offered in multiple different languages.

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